Monday, June 29, 2009

Barcelona rocks my world.

First and foremost, reality sucks being back in the States given that I had a glorious time in Spain. The weather and timing could not have been more perfect, plus the sunsets at 9PM. My friends and I went to the Picasso museum, Casa Batillo Gaudi museum, Montserrat monastery, Catedral de Barcelona, the fountain at Placa d'Espanya, and the obligatory tour bus. Only to mention a few the rest draw a blank right now.

Las Ramblas
What I love most about the Spain is siesta which allowed us the time to visit tourist attractions during the day, take a nap, leisurely prep for late dinner or tapas, go to a bar, and hit up a nightclub. I got back home around 5am almost every night I was there. Except Saturday, I partied until the sunrise and return to the flat around 8AM. Partying in LA bonks and no wonder no one visits us all we got is the Hollywood walk of fame!
Say a little prayer for me.

Masquerade shop on Princesa.

I live for moment like these.

Why can't my window and light fixture look like this?

Casa Batllo

Couples on the beach at 5am when I was still at the night club.

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