Friday, October 30, 2009

Uptown girl

Zara jacket, self-made dress, shoes somewhere from Italy. lol

Currently, one of my few favorite shopping area, downtown Los Angles. Yeap, you got it I am a material scavenging, trinkets galore, bargain type of girl, and ta-da equal to a perfect outfit. In my world at least, I dislike over-the-top trendy and believe the little details bring out the outfit. Tres chic NOT tres fool.

A wonderful lunch with Ken at Jazz Cat, hot pot. I am love with this place and love the new location and decor.

Always wanted a garden since I do not have a backyard. It was nice to see some greenery and colorful lowers at Home Depot. If you're wondering why I was there! lol I went to pick up a new rod to installed curtain (I made) in my room.

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