Monday, December 14, 2009

Who says the rain cannot be fun?

black and white or black and blue? which one you decide.

i am neither black or white.

rain please don't go away!
sweater Charlotte Russe, skirt H&M, legging American Apparel, shoe Windsor, umbrella supermarket haha

As all the previous blog proven, I shop at the most random stores. Charlotte Russe, Windsor, and plus a dozen of others filled with cheap goods. Style comes down to how you wear it not the label. Los Angeles popluation detest the rain, I on the other hand grown to love it. Rain has a nostaglia effect which brings back childhood memories. When I would wear my goulash & raincoat to splish splash as if it was a water park.

**More video to come, I accidentally deleted the one I had for this post. Sorry boys and girls. To be continued....

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