Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ducci for Gucci

american apparel,EVEN9,tights,heels

so close up.
jacket American Apparel, shirt and shorts EVEN9, tights from London, shoes Ebay store for $10(nickname the shoes Ducci)!

Lately, I been getting alot compliments on the heels I'm sporting in the photos above. I've going around telling everyone I got it on Ebay for $10 blah blah blah. Until one day, I was doing a show for Tory Burch and saw another fellow model wearing the exact same shoes. Naturally, I went up to her and told her how I was going to wear the exact same shoes but I noticed her leather is way better than mines. (My shoes straps were made of synthetic leather.) Here is the funny part, my shoes are the exact prototype of Gucci from two season ago...The details are surprisingly close aside from the leather. What a trip I had no idea it was Gucci. LOL

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