Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love, drugs, and dresses

 The only time I would post a Rihanna music video because of Agyness Deyn opening monologue. My favorite part of the video at 4:15 when she leave the loser and kicks him. Fast forward if you must. haha

A listener a trait I carry and luckily for me I have good confidantes who listen to me. Or my cranium would explode from the amount of information I'm bombarded with though I listen with the most sincerity. If I had written a book about these stories it would make one cry from broken hearts, cheater, rich to poor, poor win lottery, deaths, murder, compulsive liars, emotional and physical abuse, acceptable, loneliness, harsh parents, drama with work or friends...The worst pain of all is a broken heart. Love is the worst kind of pain and addiction. I strongly believe majority of the males population are the inferior gender and even God himself appease men's ego by fooling them to think they're superior. Without their ego men lose the very definition of themselves. Studies have show that females are adept emotionally and live a longer healthier life compare to our counterpart. And when the wife pass away prior to the husband, men usually follow suit shortly due to their lack of emotional of coping mechanism.

Recently, a friend approached me on the verge of tears in finding out a love one has deceived, lied, manipulated, minimize one's love and presence, cheated, and everything this person stood for was false. This supposed lover was good looking, attentive, and sweet for a minute duration of the relationship. Much to my dear friend who was honest, patient, genuine, also good looking, sweet, and good human being. One would of been honor to be with my friend and presence because the very presence was good spirit and loving. In return, being expolited and emotionally abuse by a lover jilted by jealousy, alcohol, drugs, cheat, many fake repentance of change, horrible past relationship, compulsive liar, emotional abusive, disrespectful...How dare this person blame my friend for being naive, manipulatable, and my friend was the catalyst of this sociopath issues? Issues which are deeply rooted prior to the relationship. My friend was too in love and emotionally blinded to see the sociopath traits. Majority of relationship in similar situation one person is more at fault. Fault meaning choices bear responsibility that leave lifelong scars not pointing fingers. Scars that first bleed and sting and oozes, scabs dries up and fall off, and eventually leaving a mark. Perhaps the mark will faded but it will be with you the rest of your life. The person will be forgotten but the scar remains. Unerasable.

You are all probably saying this is the wrong topic for a fashion blog. Incidentally, I agreed at first but change my mind quickly. Fashion consumers is dominantly women and on a daily basis there are millions of women online shopping for the form fitting dress, bra and undies to enhance our body part, and most purchases are made to attract the opposite sex. There is nothing wrong making these purchase for the right occasion. The fashion industry fail to teach women to dress for individualism, character, respect,and clothes at the end of the day are only an extension of you it doesn't defined you as a women.

As a consequences when we are window shopping online or on sunny Saturday at the local mall we often make the wrong choice in our purchases. It might sound like a far stretch but evidently it could lead to us attracting the "wrong men." The wrong men and even wrong friends who lead you in making decision that put you on the path of biggest detour of your life. How do we make smart purchase? I will get to that point.

Keira Knightley, a style icon with minimalist taste with layering. Click on the photo to see more of her style from the website. When I look at her I see a women with character, style, creatively, and class.

 On the other hand, Kim Kardashian wardrobe emphasis on her body parts only. Despite her being all over the media I do not know a darn thing about her except her skills in making homemade video...oh and eating big Carl Jr. burger. Sorry Kardashian fans she's a horrible "celebrity." Click on photos for more photos from website.

It is perfectly okay to wear skin bearing dress but do not forget who you are when the cheeseball guy compliments your dress while looking at your chest and how perfect and beautiful you are. Look past the empty hallow words that emphasize your exterior.


  1. I think the only talent Kim has going for her is her great hair ;)

  2. HAHA Sarah you got that right. Now with the current news about her dumb divorce. *rolls eye*

    Thank you Nivekout. That's the best compliment ever. Hmmm WiseMuseElle...i like. lol


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