Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shoe Stalker.


While traveling through greater London three years ago I fell in love with Emma Hope. From the first glance, the brand appears conservative until I slipped on their sneakers. My feet were in heaven the ultimate comfort and versatile style. These are 100X the style of Converse! Handmade in Italy, velvet, and soles with perfect arches. The images of how many hundreds of outfit I can tile with these baby were endless. Was I going to paid 400 pounds for it?

Than back in USA, I continuously stalk the shoes on various eCommerce website. It was either the wrong style, price, or size. Finally, I scored these on Endless, an extension of Amazon for a steal and free two day shipping?! My shoe collection is complete.  Now time to sell off shoes I haven't worn in ages.

I am surprised the celebrities haven't been been spotted wearing these as they're great for traveling. If only their marketing reflect the potential I see in these shoes. I give it a few years until they blow up big.


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