Wednesday, October 24, 2012


top Zara, skirt Urban Outfitter, heels C-Label or U-Label.

My hair at the moment cannot be more perfect to me initially the color was only temporary for a jewelry shoot. Deciding to let it sit  because how often can one say I have purple and blonde hair? Oh yes PLUS I am asian! As I said before it's like a sea of purple and blonde. 

Several conversations came to mind as I was taking and editing these photos today, "I don't understand why people dress up especially in the 'industry.' Why dress up it's so uncomfortable? I used to dress up to the T but I am humble now..." You can imagine my immediate reaction I had on my face but given it was professional environment I cringe and frown internally. 

It was an insult to me. I love to express myself with my apparel versus running at the mouth with ()&(^&%$^%*)))!!+__":>?<. Not an exact idea of being eloquent when having face time. 

Second, how does the trait of being humble even cross over with what you wear. It is common sense to look clean and approachable or I thought it was. Isn't humility associated with character and integrity? If one were to say you're dressy make you not humble is only a tell on yourself. The fact wearing designer labels is not a show of humility and not the actual appreciation for the design. Therefore, $$$$ speaks humility?! That's preposterous. 


  1. You tell 'em girl. You're beautiful, inside and out! A truly humble person doesn't need to say that they are. Lol.

    1. hahaha I would hope that conversation wasn't directed at me I was thrown off by it and surprise how little depth they had.

  2. humble people think too much,but i understand your views so well,
    designer labels make it easy to dress,without thinking or being creative....
    you are wise and lovely!
    xiexie ni!

    1. There is nothing with designer clothes at all I love them just as much if I find something in my mom's closet. :) I am referring who use label as a form of superiority when they look ridiculous!


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