Thursday, April 25, 2013


Random way off topic but I do not understand how people are atheist when you look at the world around you. How everything is create and the majestic of it awes me every single day. I prefer an agnostic over atheist.

It's easier to be an atheist than to believe in something that is non-existent or in plain sight. Because it all boils down to a matter of pride. If you think about it logically it is silly to pray to non-existing God. There are deities and other form of religion but what happens if the deities shatter or not within reach. Aren't you still praying to an non-existent "God."

The rate the world is going and humanity sins more and more. People say well if God is so big why can't he fix it with a magic wand? Why does he let people go hungry or suffer? God never like to see his creation suffer but God gave us free will. If he didn't and create the world according to utopia than he would be a dictator of sort.  Isn't that the idea of Communism? Everything is fair, everyone share the same class, same uniform, same wage, where your every activity is monitor, but not the government lavishing in their luxury. Does it make communism good because the society lacks free will?

There are two balances in the world good versus evil, not nice. Nice doesn't cut it and a psychopath can be nice up to the minute he manipulate and kills you. The same principle applies to human race one has the free will  to choose to go be or evil regardless of their situation.

Yes, I know this isn't the best place to talk religion but I had to vent somewhere at my loss of faith in humanity.

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