Monday, September 28, 2009

Very Teen Vogue day at MILK

I apologized for the lack of post there been many changes that cause roots upheaval in my world. As you all can see I'm a model and recently made the change to NEXT. I'm not on the board yet waiting for new images.

Here are some new backstages images from Young Hollywood, Teen Vogue featuring D&G.

All the models with Jen, Genevieve Production giving us the quick run through and rehearsal before showtime!

Jenny, Dani, Sammy, and I all waiting patiently for hair or makeup. This usually ends up with the girls gossiping about nonsense.

The gossiping begans...

How colorful is the backstage minutes before the show...

Bianca and I giving our most modelish stare.

Alisa and I at the post party with complimentary champagne.

Alisa, moi, and Nina. Having some fun after a long day of walking in stilts.

Apparently, the whole cast of the new 90210 was there but I'm so horrible at recognizing celebrities. Kelly Osbourne was there DJ the party and many others I do not recognize. :X

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