Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Invisible Shoes

i want these

lost of words
both photos of "The invisible shoe" (mirrored surface) // photo by Fernando Biagioni

ANDREIA CHAVES, I am in love with these shoes. Andreia, a new and up-coming shoe designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil who study in Florence, Italy. During her studies in Europe, Chaves absorb texture, form, and visual effect to create shoes like these. Looking forward to see more of her work. I would love to be a shoe model for her just to have one of these!!! Andreia Chaves if you read this leave me a message! LOL A girl can only hope. If your into fashion or not you got to appreciated the aesthetic values of the Invisible shoes.

"The fact that I grew up in a chaotic city like Sao Paulo, full of contrasts, being in contact with such diversity and constant exposure to different visual inputs, has inspired me in how I think and conceptualize my shoes. Looking at my work, I can clearly see influence coming from my South American sense of versatility. Also in the mix - what I have been experiencing in Europe
-- Andreia Chaves


  1. I cannot stop staring at these. Someone stop me....

  2. it would be so cool if you could model these shoes. they are the new generation's version of the glass shoe ;)

  3. Like a said it's sooo adaptable literally a new version of Cinderella shoes. shit...

  4. wonder how it feels to walk in it. doesn't look that comfortable.

    invisible shoes one thing, swollen feet another.

  5. I wouldn't walk around it lol It would be awesome for photo shoots!


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