Saturday, February 20, 2010

We love the FUNK

A day in my funkify life um in my backyard?

Gone with the Wind

Fun & Games
It is fun trust me.
shirt my friend brought from Philippines, legging from London, shoes unknown

There is absolutely no purpose to this blog. Pure boredom and I want to plastered my face with makeup. The end product of a photo session in my backyard with the occasional interruption by this stray kitty.
My pictures does look like an better American Apparel ad don't it? ahha


  1. uhh cool pictures :D hehe yeah looks much better than American Apparel ads :D love the stripes with the red tights! and cute stay kitty <3

  2. Thank you Emilie :) I do wish I knew the label of the clothing I am wearing. For some odd reason they're all tagless. American Apparel watch out!

  3. who says blog posts ever need a point? plus, the point can be you are just uber cooler and chicer than the rest of us common shorties
    ps i agree with your friend
    AA watch outtttt leslie invasion!

  4. ps.s. thanks for the words of encouragement and heads up about babyphat i'll let you know how it goes

  5. I am gonna take over the world with my tallness. LOL Super excited for you!


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