Friday, February 19, 2010

Late late late BLOG

Gents and Ladies attention! I do apologize for the lack on my end for not blogging. Haven't had the time to photograph any new outfit been running around all of LA and amongst other stuff.

Recently, booked a job for MicroSoft, one of my most conservative jobs ever. Backstage time usually consist of me being half-naked and freezing & shivering. Though I did get a free leopard snuggie from a prior job!
Everything I wore was either from Gap, JCrew, Target, and other more "low-end" brand. It was a fun shoot despite the drama of moi not knowing I was suppose to be there.

As well, the Art of Elysium charity show next to the Golden Globes. One of the best show I had in ages the energy and team were awesome.
Next to my rack!
Yes, I got the free snuggie from this show. Just like last year I wore Balmin again which I find funny! If only Balmin would book me for their campaign I'm just say.....


  1. you have such a unique look, shelley and i were just talking about how your photograph soooo wonderfully

  2. Aww thanks PW and tell Shelley too. How's that crazy girl? I miss all of you girls. We should all hang out soon :)

  3. is that Eugenia from ANTM?


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