Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Once Upon A Crime

Fashion currently has ran it course and overly saturated in designer it's difficult to narrow down any household name or signature style. The media is not a big aspect of my life or artistic inspiration if at all possible I avoid it. I am not a movie buff nor do I like watching people eyeball get mutilated because someone was being picked on in highschool. Excuse my insensitively to the matter but as a society we are overly sensitive using it as an covert excuse in how we conduct ourselves. Which brings to my point I'm rarely inspired by the media Sean Young, who played Phoebe in "Once Upon a Crime" got it right. It was difficult to find the exact image, to portray moment and inspiration from the movie.The scene where she landed in Rome with no money and on the pay phone with her very last American dollar to contact her love.

Phoebe's attire is not fashion forward nor trendy but it's how she wear it that inspires me. It was as she woke up with such passion and exhume passion in that outfit. The outfit says I'm Phoebe and I'm going to get on the very next plane and chase after the love of my life. The jacket, hat, and dress is so effortlessly thrown on but display her very character. That my dear is should we all dress with individuality, character, and confidence.


  1. This is the first time I ever heard the name of the movie. And am looking forward to watch it :)


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