Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tumblr, Wordpress, Tweeter...

My dear readers,

There are way too many available blogging resources. Which one do you prefer and why? Aside from the one I've listed did I miss any? I am trying to narrow it down in the most simplify way for my audience. I need your opinions...

Thank you,


  1. lately i kinda like tumblr because it makes posting so simple and fast but its hard to comment and wordpress feels so complicated

  2. Thank you PW. Yeah I was feeling the same way about tumblr too. Yeah too many options too bad it's not so easy to import and export between all these blogs.

  3. I really love Tumblr as a blogger, because it's super user-friendly. You can embed Disqus, a third party application for people comment on your Tumblr if they don't already follow you on Tumblr. People can *like* your posts in their dashboard if they follow you using their Tumblr account.

    I only use Wordpress for text-heavy stuff since people who read Wordpress blogs actually read what you have to write. Tumblr is more for people who like to browse through pictures.


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